Sideways Time, originally uploaded by lyric lundquist.

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Song By :: Modeselektor (feat. Thom Yorke) - The White Flash
Avatars :: Del May and Lyric Lundquist
Sims :: Igor Ballyhoo's Imagine Plus Space, Selavy Oh's State of Formation, and
JoJoRuno's Mokyok Tang at Poetik Velvets

Special Thanks to everyone who came out to tape at the Mokyok Tang Session ::
Abra Exonar
Aristoteles Allen
Ding Fotherington
Edward Moleno
Fine Caliber
Grazia Horwitz
Helianthus Mesmer
Hern Worsley
James Schwarz
Jojorunoo Runo
Kaethe Dyrssen
Lyric Lundquist
Miabella Foxley
Niko Lyle
Nil Giha
Nuck Spyker
Starlash Sweetwater
Story Takakura
Three Moomintoog
Tomoyo Breitman
Venturino Benson

I hope you enjoy......


Uploaded by lyric lundquist on 9 Nov 09, 3.34PM PST.