While I'm receiving submitions, watching the machinimas to give a feedback I've noticed that most of the member of the Machinima professionals are only throwing the machinimas on the group (as I posted on the group wall) this is a collaborative group, I wonder if someone thought different conception of a group!

I don't want to do that but the circumstances forces me to do it.

So new rule on the group is there is no submition (approval) while there is no feedback or comment. The submitions will the denied since there is no activity by the member.

There must be community sense here, otherwise it is just another boring group.

You’ve uploaded your movie.
You’ve posted a work on the community.
The views & comments are starting to come in.

Now what? Why not take some time to sit back and enjoy some of the movies by your fellow community members?

While this is obviously not (nor will it ever be) a requirement for being a member of this group, it is certainly one very powerful way of strengthening our sense of community.

Whichever method of reviewing fits your personal style, there is one thing most of us who upload movies agree on – if you watch our movie, please leave a comment. A comment can be as simple as “Nice effort!” or as extensive as a pages long review. Think of how you feel when you see comments pop up on your movie page. Please share that same pleasure with your fellow community members. After all, we should all be here to support one another.

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