Metamorphosis, originally uploaded by spyvspyaeon.

Coming up soon :)

As a matter of fact, I'm trying to give a different touch on my works. So I just take one of my written poems (back from 2005) and translated to English to compose a atmosphere that embraces the sense of poetic words and feelings. It is hard to find if it is best to put voice over the piano music, or if I just use subtitles. (I've choose to subtitles, don't want to cut the beautiful melody of Ehma).

Production by: spyVspy
Poem by: spyVspy aka mestrinho
Music mix by: spyVspy (3 different musics from same author)

Music by: Ehma
Music License under creative commons.

Uploaded by spyvspyaeon on 19 Dec 09, 8.24AM PST.