* Please watch HD full screen * :)
Recently Slim Girl Fat (Slim Warrior inSL) and Brad Reason (Doubledown Tandino inSL) released a collaboration track entitled "Multiple Worlds." and there you have the video production. The music title inspired me since the beginning and I hope you enjoy.

Thanks to Slim and Brad to invite me to this little project, that I have a great pleasure to do it.

Many thanks to all Characters that helped me, damn (can't remember all people lol), Jazz, Musique, Brad, Slim, sonicity, Berta, nathalie, Tary, (please keep me posted :D )

Posted here: http://djdoubledown.blogspot.com/2009/12/multiple-worlds-music-video-by-spyvsspy.html


Capture size: 1280x720
Original file size: 67 Gb O_o (don't blame :P looks great no?)

Movie output format:
Video format H.264
Cap size 1280x480
Data rate 5.000kbits/s
Frame rate - 30
Sound sample rate - 48.000 kHz
Sound bit rate - 192 kbps
Sound encoding ACC