My Friends are Robots, originally uploaded by TheBrokenDollhouse.

My Friends are Robots
90 seconds not long enough?

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My personal favorite video I've done so far.... all the writing/sound editing/filming/effects are my own (minus a few free sound effects from commons friendly material)

There was a nice writeup about this video in New World Notes in which Wagner writes:

" In the latest machinima from Ms. ColeMarie Soleil, the bird girl avatar weaves shimmery machinima with what seems like the internal monologue of the woman behind the computer, as she experiences Second Life. In other words, a stream of consciousness from within the metaverse."

The rest of the article you can find here.

This video also won 1st place for best drama at the M.A.G awards this year.

Also a neat tidbit..this weekend the NIMk organises a real life event about the future of mass media, in Amsterdam. This video has been chosen to be played along side of many other artists like Cisko Vandeverre, Tom Jantol, Lainy Voom, Osprey Therian, Fau Ferdinand, Arthole, Second Front, Philip Rice, Richard Grove, Bryn Oh, and the MMIF compilation as showed in SLCC 2009, and Chantel Harvey.

Also got an honorable mention at the Shooot awards.

Uploaded by TheBrokenDollhouse on 11 Dec 09, 8.37PM PST.