Since I remember from my childhood, when I was 6 years old and used to spend my school holidays at my favorite village in Brazil, Sabará (beautiful place over the mountains). I remember I lady friend of mine, she told me that story just once and I still remember. So fabulous I was when I heard such enchanted tale.

As a moment of inspiration I've created a Second Life adaptation from the Brazilian Folklore and doing the production right now. Iara it is the source of many many tales. Brazilian Indians used to make most of them. This it will be the first of a new series that I am launching, called "Bad stories doesn't exits!", where I am going to show you one of the best folks stories from all cultures.

Some people say that storytelling is like tighten a screw. For me, a tale never loses in the telling. What I know is that every time I tell a tale I add a tail, always come up different. The tale I am about to tell is related to a fisherman. A fisherman called Carlos, who lived near a river at the west side.

About the (from the Iara from the brazilian folklore)

The Brazilian mermaid called Iara, lives at the bottom of rivers, on the shade of the forest. It is a Legend that talks about Amazon mysteries, one night an Indian dreamed of a beautiful woman with blond hair, blue eyes and very light skin. This fairy was standing the entrance of a huge castle of crystal covered with gold and sapphires embed on a heavenly music. The couple fell in love at first sight and heard a beautiful woman to propose eternal love. One day by boat, the Indians saw formed on the water and a hut, behind the window, appeared the woman of his dreams that you smile. Passionate and was enchanted by the hut, which floated on the water. The father of the Indian can see that the woman's body had a tail, like that of a fish, and, grabbing her son, jumped into the water, diving, never to return.

Some peoples and shifting cultivators swear to have seen the Iara, as it came to be called. in many rivers and streams. The belief in this myth is so great, that the places he lives in the Iara, according to tradition, no one dares to go at a certain hour in the afternoon. On some occasions, it is said, it shows up with his legs to then turn into a mermaid. It is in this way that attracts its victims. To get rid of the seductive power of Iara, advise the Indians, should be eating lots of garlic and rub it all over the body.

Many are the legends around Iara, their spells and tricks. It is the myth that most inspired Brazilian poets. José de Alencar, for example, included the novel "The Payback of Ipe" a tale about a water nymph, in which there is a palace of gold and diamond at the bottom of the sea.

The best known symbolism of the mermaid is the deadly seduction. Surely it is a tempting ( "The wing of the mermaid is the love of a woman who is ready to resume and," writes Pierre de Beauvais). But the passion it inspires flammable is dangerous, because it was the dream and the unconscious, and so it is foolish dream, ghost unreal. To preserve the passion ( "love is blind!"), You must, like Odysseus clings to the harsh reality of the mast. Under the influence of Egypt, in which the soul of the deceased was represented in the form of a bird with a human head, the mermaid has become the symbolic representation of the soul of the deceased who failed in their destiny and become a vampire.

Production & Second Life adaptation
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spyvspy aeon

This is one of them, I guess the most beautiful.

Coming soon at your screen :)

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