90 seconds not enough?
View the entire video here (clicky click!) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=baOn5QWRVac

Music - Ryan Campos
We were always here to hurt you

Edited/Directed by ColeMarie Soleil

Set Design by Colin Fitzig
*filmed up in the sky in IBM Sandbox 7*

nothing can save me
cuz i have gone crazy
nothing can take me
cuz i am crazy
you can not save me
cuz i have gone crazy
you can not help me
cuz i am crazy

Shout outs/Thank yous go to the extras/my friends
for letting me boss them around for a few hours,
I love you all rock:

Eln Alter,True Hoxley,Eeka Batz,Natas Yokosuka,
Dunan Wilder,Mocksoup Graves and Lanie Windlow

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