The Little Fisherman story, originally uploaded by spyvspyaeon.

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- The word Iara Indian origins. "If there are aquatic beings that somehow may be responsible for the secular legends of the mermaid, the lovely woman-fish of the myths of many people, these are unquestionably the manatees, the representatives of the family of Manatees. This is because of vague resemblance between his body and female body in the chest area: as women, manatees have two pectoral breasts. This is the reason why these beings were called Sirenia, which is a mermaid. The legends are reported by sailors who faced the dugong"

Carlos - Spyvspyaeon
Iara - Sonya Westland
Fisherman 1 - Editorial Clarity
Fisheman 2 - Jazz62 Masala

Voiceover Narrator - Pooky Amsterdam
Carlos - Scorpinosis Nightfire
Iara - Slim Warrior
Fisherman 1 - Editorial Clarity

Producer by – spyvspy aeon
Assistant producer - Editorial Clarity
Second life Adaptation - spyvspy aeon

Second Life adaptation from the Brazilian Folklore
Filmed on Second Life – 6PI

Special thanks to Pooky Amsterdam, Slim Warrior & Editorial Clarity

Music by
Celestial Aeon Project’s –

From the album Mind’s Eye – “Hymn of the Sky”

From the album Mind’s Eye – Jester's Tear

From the album Mind’s Eye - Woods of Eremae

Music license and production are under – Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0

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