Tama's Music Box Gift, originally uploaded by TheBrokenDollhouse.

What is this then?
Basically it's a Miniature Automaton Music Box-Factory World Tama has been building. (music is from Tama as well) The stories behind this tiny world are still untold. You'll just have to give it a look and a listen yourself.

Extra gifts for all:
For reasons unknown, rarely but surely, this world will fabricate music boxes. These then will be dropped into the lifeboat located near the back.
Anyone(!) then can click the newborn music box in order to pick it up.

Another thing:
The inhabitants won't tell me the name of their world. Maybe they will tell you.

This version is not for sale... but the music boxes it generates are free to pick up for anyone.

Uploaded by TheBrokenDollhouse on 4 Feb 10, 12.29PM PST.