"Is Sometimes Colder Than Ice" produced by Bobe Schism one of the most recent findings in Second Life. In fact yesterday was a chance encounter when I walked in Decay (Land of Toxic Menges) where he was acting for a Toxic's Machinima. There he was, and I noticed in their conversation the fact that he was also a producer (they were talking about nwn latest post). During the conversation, and the video found it curious that realizes that the story is based on Paul Auster recompilation of Peter Freuchen Adventures, but I went unnoticed to me (didn't read this book yet). Bobe succeeded materializing a Machinima that I consider very well made and details worked out resulting in an excellent production and made by a beginner. Notice that this is his 2nd production, great achievement.


Uploaded by spyvspyaeon on 25 Apr 10, 3.15PM PDT.