3 years old today ! …:)

omg times flyssss
and when i think of my first day in SL i cant realize how times goes….
and what life can reserved for you …

1096 days for create a dream…….
1096 days for make my imagination create a new world where i have an extension of myself…..
1096 days for discover new horizons….

but in this 1096 days i remember before all the last 301 days ……
Since you are in my life,
Since you have take my hand in this july 21 2009
Since i have say yes for this kiss in this shop
Since i have open the door of my heart to you….
since you have change my SL of course but also my Real life…:o)
je t'aime mon amour :o)))

Thank you also to all people, family and friends who are also a part of my second life ……

i love you all :o)

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