Dreamt from the illuminating phrase of Stephen Crane;
The man said to the universe:
"Sir I exist!"
"However," replied the universe,
"The in-fact has not created me
A Sense of Obligation. "

"Dreams, what are dreams?

But, what with dreams? The basis and foundation that makes us "fly" "feel" and distort, push the limits, see beyond boundaries. After all, what a dream is like (beyond common sense)? What are our own wills to be the operator of infinite space? Or operator of our universe, your universe, my universe, all the bubble Universes around us. Firmly believe that within each of us, within our limitations, we live enclosed within the shell of our knowledge, sometimes, we think we know a lot, but in fact we know little beyond our cocoon, our mind, we are mind trapped!! Have you ever felt trapped? A prisoner of your own imagination that will be fed daily with new sources, perhaps a new discovery of science, perhaps more a reverie about what delights you most."

I love that message that says "After all life is about people you meet, and what you create with them, then GO OUT and start creating. Life is short. Live your dream and share your passion."

Finally, the work is complete, done. The video is not too long, but I'd say that is long enough:). This time I wanted to go beyond the work of post production and for the desired effect (the immensity of the universe) not even using a virtual platform (Eveonline, a massive multi-player in the vastness of the cosmos with stunning scenery). This is because, for those who don't know Second Life (primary platform where I develop my work, and have some limitations compared to other platforms as well as the limitations of other platforms compared to Second Life). So! You can´t have everything, easier is to "have a little of everything", take some advantage and capabilities of other worlds.
During the production phase has been added plus a 3D platform called Universe Sandbox, this production was an adventure, in all sense. With some few scenarios "from another world," this work, in addition to the script (by me) was a tremendous job of editing some of the already known, * Chroma keying technique, creating layers upon layers. Layers to color correction, effects, or even camera work in After Effects.

Show first-hand some snapshots of post production for your approval. HYBRID .3 (Machinima title sequence) purchased and licensed for this production, all content of this video / film is under a license Creative Commons ShareAlike 3.0 Unported (includes de music).
A big thanks to the UTSA (University of Texas at San Antonio, Artspace http://secondlife.com/destination/utsa-artspace-2), and of course the excellent 3D work by Igor Ballyhoo - Metamorphoses. Also to Inspire Space Park http://secondlife.com/destination/288

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